Joe Biden promises to stand up for the Baltic States, Russia’s “black mark” ambassador

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden promised the Baltic States to send a “tough message” to Russia in case of election victory, demanding not to intimidate Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This is stated in the policy document, reports

As the publication notes, the Democrat promised the Baltic States “strong support”. The document states that, holding the post of Vice President in the administration of the former U.S. head Barack Obama, the politician was engaged in security issues in the Baltic region.

“Joe Biden’s longstanding support for the Baltic States and his belief in America’s commitment to our allies contrasts sharply with Mr. [US President Donald] Trump, who doubts the importance of NATO. Joe Biden intends to strongly support our NATO allies, unlike Trump, who raises the issue of the value of the Alliance and once confused the Baltics with the Balkans”, –  the document says.

In addition, Biden has promised to continue the financial programme launched by the Obama administration to ensure that US troops and equipment are deployed in Europe for the exercise. The Democrat will also continue to oppose the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Presidential elections in the USA are scheduled for November 3. The current head of state Donald Trump is participating in this election from the Republicans.

Earlier, Joe Biden promised to provide military assistance to Ukraine if he becomes president of the USA.