In the “anti-Chinese” rush, Trump added 200 thousand dollars to the Chinese budget

Contrary to his strict policy towards China, US President Donald Trump has worked with Chinese businesses for years, transacting and paying taxes to the Chinese budget.

Tax reports examined by the journalists of The New York Times showed a previously unregistered bank account of Trump International Hotels Management. According to the publication, in the period from 2013 to 2015, 188.6 thousand dollars in taxes were paid from the account to China in connection with the conclusion of potential transactions.

In addition, recent tax reports show that Trump has invested at least $192,000 in five companies that have been instructed to do business in China. According to NYT, these companies’ expenses amounted to 97.4 thousand dollars.

Trump’s relationship with China has been mentioned before. In spring, it became known that Trump owed the Bank of China tens of millions of dollars. However, the New York Times, which is considered to be a pro-democracy newspaper, publishes new information two weeks before the presidential election day, thus hoping to influence the outcome of the vote.
As you know, Trump’s election campaign was largely based on the idea of confrontation with China. Moreover, in recent years Trump’s administration unleashed a trade war with China, tried to destabilise the situation in Hong Kong and accused Beijing of spreading the coronavirus.