Fox: the FBI believes that Russia has nothing to do with disclosing the correspondence of Biden’s son

A laptop containing the letters mentioned by Hunter Biden on his hard drive has been handed over to FBI employees.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Department of Justice officials believe that Russia has nothing to do with the publication of the scandalous electronic correspondence from the son of Democrat presidential candidate Joseph Biden, and this correspondence is considered genuine. This was reported on Tuesday by the Fox News channel.

According to its sources, the laptop on whose hard drive the specified letters of Hunter Biden are stored has been handed over to the FBI. According to the channel, experts of the Bureau, as well as the Department of Justice, of which it is part, “agree with the assessment of the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe that the e-mails were not part of the Russian campaign of disinformation directed against presidential candidate Joe Biden,” the material says.

Another source in the U.S. law enforcement agencies specified that the letters were found to be authentic. According to Fox News, this correspondence is not considered part of the investigation into attempts to vilify Biden attributed to Russia.

The channel notes that its journalists have contacted a person whose email address is listed in the correspondence. It has also confirmed that the correspondence is authentic.

The New York Post partially published this electronic correspondence last week. According to the correspondence, Hunter Biden could have arranged for a representative of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, of which he was a member, to meet with his father while the latter was Vice President of the USA. Biden, Senior, in this position, called for the dismissal of the Attorney General of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, who had opened an investigation into Burisma. This gave the Republicans a reason to accuse Biden, the elder and his son, of involvement in corruption.

As Ratcliffe said on Monday, the U.S. intelligence community has no reason to believe the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s e-mail correspondence is part of a misinformation campaign allegedly coming from Russia.


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