Again, Putin is to blame – Biden was accused of corrupting the President of Russia, but was criticised.

The incident with Hunter Biden’s laptop showed who poses a real threat to Americans.

A few weeks before the election, the American publication The New York Post published a dirt on the Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden. As it turned out, in the past he had communicated with representatives of the Ukrainian company “Burisma”, although earlier he had publicly denied such communication.

The company was involved in financial fraud when Biden’s son was among its managers. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine even started the corresponding inspections, but Joe Biden forced then-President Petro Poroshenko to dismiss Viktor Shokin from his post as Prosecutor General and to hush up the case. Poroshenko, as you know, obeyed.

The Post article resonated strongly in American society. Facebook and Twitter even prohibited users from referring to the publication, thus protecting the interests of the Democratic Party. The Democrats themselves found nothing better than to blame Russia for what happened.

“We know that attempts to compromise Joe Biden come from the Kremlin”, –  said Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff. – “It is clear that the source of this compromise is the Kremlin, and the president [Donald Trump] is rejoicing at this help and is trying to inflate it.”

According to him, information about the corruption of the US presidential candidate is “an excellent propaganda campaign by Vladimir Putin”. Senator Chris Murphy is of the same opinion.

“We should all be furious with Joe Biden because the news publication is spreading what is probably Russian propaganda. I have seen the intelligence data”, –  he said.

It’s noteworthy that Murphy did not specify what he saw in the intelligence materials, commented the famous American columnist Tucker Carlson. He also drew attention to the fact that this intelligence would never be presented to the public.

“The powers that be have seen the intelligence, but not you! You just have to trust them. If you do not believe them, are you not Vladimir Putin’s agent? Maybe you are a Russian spy? Do you want to face charges of state treason? I doubt it, so just trust me, my friend”, –  said the journalist.

According to him, the current situation clearly demonstrates who the true enemy of America is. It is not even that important here what has been ‘dug up’ on Biden. More important and disturbing, Carlson believes, is that influential politicians are conspiring to hide the corruption schemes of “their” man at the expense of an imaginary threat.

“But you can rest assured that the faceless US authorities will take up the task of exposing these Russian intrigues. And even if there is no evidence of such a crime, they will start an investigation anyway”,  –  Tucker Carlson stated on Fox News.