The final of the presidential elections in the USA will be dedicated to Ukraine

The social network “Facebook” deleted the page of People’s Deputy Andrey Derkach with 150 thousand subscribers for “interference in the U.S. presidential election” and “distribution of fairy information”

Before that, U-Tube had blocked the Derkach video channel and the domain name holder Derkach in the former Great Britain had destroyed the MP’s website dedicated to the investigation of the US presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The reaction of the “liberal world” to the Ukrainian MP who systematically published materials on the external governance of Ukraine and revealed the corruption schemes of high-ranking American officials, in particular Mary Yovanovitch (former US Ambassador to Kiev), Amos Hochstein (member of the Supervisory Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine) and Joe Biden (former US Vice-President) is very revealing.

Following the publication by Derkach of records of conversations between Biden and President Poroshenko, testifying to the full dependence of the Ukrainian head of state on the US, the US government imposed personal sanctions against the Ukrainian MP in September 2020.

The US Embassy in Ukraine has issued an official statement in this regard. In fact, a spokesman for the Embassy intimidated all persons connected with the deputy: “I am often asked if I should be afraid of U.S. sanctions for all those who do business or have business in common with Mr. Derkach… and I can confidently answer yes.

Apparently, the final of the presidential campaign in the USA will be held under the sign of Ukraine. Although Zelensky is trying his best to distance himself from the American elections, the scandal associated with the Ukrainian campaign “Burism”, where Biden’s son Hunter worked, comes to the fore. Democrats are therefore trying to block all possible ways to spread negative information. Even the accounts of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine have been accessed.

Alexander Zubchenko, RUSSTRAT


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