Recovered Navalny turned out not to be needed by Europe

As an anti-Russian tool, Alexey Navalny has already fulfilled his function. In addition, his political weight is diminishing as he recovers from his metabolic coma.

As News Front reported earlier, on 20 August Navalny got sick during the flight and the plane was landed in Omsk as a matter of urgency. He was taken to hospital, but was later transported to Germany. Later, in Berlin, it was reported that Navalny was allegedly poisoned with the poison of the “Novichok” group. Although no evidence was provided, the Russian government was responsible for what happened.

It is now well known that Navalny had a metabolic coma as a result of metabolic disturbance. The patient’s condition has been stabilised by Russian doctors. In Germany, Navalny was on the mend and now the incident is over, says the Deputy Speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Peter Tolstoy.

After negotiations with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Maria Pejčinovic-Buric, he noted that the topic of Navalny was not on the agenda of the organisation.

“Frankly speaking, it seems to me that it has already been exhausted – the victim, according to the latest interviews, feels pretty good. And for the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, it is unlikely that this topic is on the agenda of discussions with Russian parliamentarians,” he stated.