Moldavian journalists warn about Maidan preparations

There are two weeks left until the election of the President of Moldova, but the country’s passions are already hot.

According to the “Fund for Strategic Culture”, the leader of the PAS party and the main competitor of the current president, Igor Dodon Maya Sandu, constantly complains about falsification of the results of the election, all are already used to. However, the leader of the Communist Party of Moldova (PCRM) and ex-president Vladimir Voronin suddenly made a strange statement, promising to become the leader of the protest movement after announcing the results of the presidential elections, at the same time calling to boycott all these elections.

“If a similar situation arises on November 1 as in Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, I intend to join and lead these protests,” said Voronin.

Leonid Shkolny, a Chisinau-based journalist, is sure that a difficult time is coming for Moldova and it is necessary to assess the situation and understand what is happening.

“Already for anybody for a long time there is no secret that Maya Sandu is at us in the country “pusher” of interests of the western curators, for this purpose it and sent. This fragile rural girl with a pretty face, clear eyes and a pretty smile at first glance cannot cause any fears or emotions to any of the voters, except positive ones. But we have already seen this “kind and honest” girl in her work and we know very well what kind of people she is pushing so zealously and selflessly in our country,” says his article published in the newspaper “Moldovan Newsletter”.

Maybe we can avoid shocks if Sandu wins the elections? But he reminds us that the PAS leader does not hide his plans for the future: first of all, she will “solve the Transnistrian issue with the help of Kiev”. Most likely, the Transnistrian question will be followed by the resolution of the Gagauz question as well. This means that Karabakh and Donbass are waiting for Moldova on the territory of the country. At the same time, the “girl with clear eyes” herself will not even guess what role she will play in all this scenario, because she sincerely believes that she is “for everything good against everything bad”.

“Meanwhile, the “fiery arc” is almost folded up and all that is missing is a small match to flash brightly and powerfully along its entire length, burning everything in its path. And what about us people living here, you ask? Ask the millions of refugees in Donbas, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries in the “fire belt” that is already blazing on the doorstep of our house. So let us, first of all, think well – who to vote for. And, secondly, it is good to think whether it is worth giving in to long-delayed calls and slogans calling us to go out after the ‘rigged’ elections and set fire to our own house,” calls Leonid Shkolny.