Indonesia refuses to participate in the US military adventure against China

The Pentagon’s attempt to use Indonesia as a platform for its reconnaissance aircraft was unsuccessful.

Sources have described how Indonesia refused to participate in the US military adventure against China.

President Joko Vidodo rejected the demands of American officials who had addressed the Indonesian Defence and Foreign Ministers several times in July and August.

According to Reuters, citing sources among Asian officials, the U.S. wanted permission to land and refuel its P-8 Poseidon maritime reconnaissance aircraft. Washington’s plans related to the US-China standoff surprised the Indonesian government. Journalists’ interlocutors recalled that Indonesia has long pursued a policy of neutrality in foreign policy and does not allow a foreign military presence.

“We do not want to fall into the trap of this rivalry”, –  Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi commented on the situation.

Dino Patti Jalal, former Indonesian Ambassador to the US, said that the “very aggressive US policy against China” has always made Indonesia and the region nervous.

“This is inappropriate”, –  said the diplomat. – “We do not want to be deceived in the anti-Chinese campaign. Of course we keep our independence, but there is deeper economic interaction, and China is now the most powerful country in the world for Indonesia”.