Belarus has tightened its border with Poland

Coffee, candy and other purchases that could previously be taken without problems were banned.

Belarus has tightened its border with Poland

According to “Sputnik Belarus”, since September 18th the rules of movement of goods across the Belarusian-Polish border have suddenly changed and it has become simply impossible to bring goods from Poland.

“Several people reported that at the checkpoint “Warsaw Bridge” on Friday they were allowed to carry only personal items. Those who crossed the border with a familiar set of goods (tea, coffee, chocolates, etc.) returning from Polish voyages were not allowed to enter”, –  says the edition.

There is a growing assumption in the network that the so-called “bad entry” has been introduced, although no one has seen documents confirming this version of events.

“The car was turned around or offered to dispose of goods. Even a kilo of coffee cannot be taken, only personal items”,  –  the travellers shared their observations.

In turn, the official explanation received by the publication from the State Customs Committee of Belarus does not contain information about the tightening of rules for transporting goods, it is just a matter of more careful control by customs officers in order to prevent attempts to move prohibited and restricted goods, as well as prevent the import of commercial consignments of goods under the guise of goods for personal use.

“Given the current situation at the border of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Belarusian customs strengthened customs control operations, including with respect to individuals moving goods across the customs border”, –  said the Customs Committee, specifying that these approaches are consistent with international law and national legislation on customs regulation.


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