Expert: a replica of Navalny poisoning could have been staged by the Democrats to combat Trump

According to Andrei Vyshinsky, a scandalous blogger is an ordinary figure for manipulation and achieving short-term goals in American politics

In its tg-channel “Andrey Vyshinsky”. The expert stated that Navalny continues to be used as a gasket by the American establishment. The Republicans decided to dance the blogger in the fight against Trump.

In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday programme, Navalny remembered that the French and German leaders condemned what had happened to him, while the Trump administration abstained.

“I noticed that (Trump) did not do it. I think it is extremely important that everyone … first and foremost the President of the United States, is firmly against the use of chemical weapons in the 21st century”, –  Navalny said.

This is how Navalny behaves, said Vyshinsky, and his obvious play on the Democrats’ side makes you think that the blogger’s poisoning staging with all the ensuing was done neatly before the US presidential election and used by Biden against Trump.

“This is how he is Putin’s ‘main’ opponent – a common figure for manipulation and achieving short-term goals in American politics”, –  the expert concludes.


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