People’s Deputy of Ukraine: We have an ambitious goal – to create an economic miracle in the Donbass

Ukrainian People’s Deputy Renat Kuzmin explained the next initiative of a member of the team of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky about the plans voiced by the Minister for the “Occupied Territories” Alexei Reznikov to show an economic miracle in Donbas.

“What else did Reznikov say about the government’s plans for the reintegration of Donbass. I quote: “We have an ambitious goal – to create an economic miracle in the territories of the Donbass controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, that is, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

My ministry is now developing a concept for strategic economic development, the goal of which is to attract investment through the creation of the so-called “territories of advanced development”.

The key idea is to restore Donbass not at the expense of budgetary and donor funds and at least at the expense of loans.

To create a kind of demonstration project along this 420 km long dividing line to show that human life is possible only in a free, independent European Ukraine”.

Do you understand everything? They decided to collect loans in the West and, at the expense of this money, demonstrate to people that they can only live normally in Ukraine. You understand? Not to create conditions for a normal life for people, but only to “show” such an opportunity. You ask, how much will this window dressing cost?
I quote Reznikov:

“To understand the figures, according to independent experts, the losses of the Ukrainian economy from the destroyed Donbass already amount to 120 billion US dollars. According to the Vienna Institute of Economics, a minimum of $ 21 billion is required for recovery”. 

In other words, the authorities intend to borrow at least $21 billion at interest in order to “show” something to someone. This is despite the fact that Ukraine’s external debt is currently $123 billion.

“Don’t you think that Zelensky and his team consider us all complete idiots, stupid and silent creatures?” – asked a reasonable question, summing up what was said, the Ukrainian politician Kuzmin.


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