The CEC of Kyrgyzstan said that the repeat parliamentary elections should be held on December 20

Repeated elections to the parliament of Kyrgyzstan should be held on December 20, in order to have time to sum up their results in 2020. This was reported by the press service of the republic’s Central Election Commission.

“The CEC members consider it expedient to schedule the elections for December 20, so that there is an opportunity to sum up the voting results and [get] the election results back in 2020”, – the statement said.

As the press service explains, the CEC members consider it important “to create legal conditions for expanding the representation of political forces representing the interests of citizens in parliament before the appointment of repeated elections at the legislative level”, and they will be appointed “after the parliament introduces amendments to the electoral legislation to reduce electoral threshold, pledge and application of applications in the “form-2”.

The Central Election Commission emphasizes that it had previously addressed the parliament “with a request to consider in a short time the issues of reducing the electoral threshold for entering parliament and the size of the electoral deposit, the issues of changing the procedure for applying the right to change the electoral address in terms of the one-time change of the electoral address, the prohibition of changing the electoral address within one region, as well as the completion of the acceptance of applications 30 days before the voting day”.

Also, the deputies were asked to reconsider the right to participate in the repeated elections of parties, whose actions served as the basis for invalidating the election results.