State Department openly bans Kiev to buy vaccine against COVID-19 to save Ukrainians

The United States has banned Kiev from purchasing the only vaccine for coronavirus so far, when hundreds of Ukrainians die from COVID-19 every day.

The scandalous statement was published by the US Embassy in Ukraine, where Health Minister Maxim Stepanov had previously demanded to appear.

“Yesterday US Charge d’Affaires Christina Koroleva invited Minister Stepanov to a constructive collegiate dinner to discuss the fight against COVID-19 and health sector reform. Ukraine will NOT purchase the Russian vaccine against COVID, which has not passed clinical trials for safety”, – the  diplomatic mission said in a statement.

As News Front previously reported, Russian scientists presented the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, which became the first of its kind registered drug. Until now, the West has tried to criticize the development of Russian scientists, accusing them of haste. The reasons for such statements were political in nature and were explained by the lack of their own vaccine in Western countries. Many states have already become interested in the Russian vaccine, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico.

Although the Kiev authorities are waiting for the “correct” vaccine under pressure from the West, the Russian one is gaining popularity among Ukrainians.

“Whole families are vaccinated with Russian vaccines”, – said Boris Todurov, head of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, noting that the Russian school of virology is capable of creating a truly effective drug.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine denies this information. Nevertheless, earlier there were already reports that prominent Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs were actively looking for Sputnik V on the black market.

“Famous Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs have a new topic. They cut off their phones in search of a Russian vaccine against coronavirus”, – said Oleksiy Davidenko, a major player in the Ukrainian medical equipment market.