Narcotics industry colonizes Ukraine: propaganda of drug legalization is growing in the country

As you know, Zelensky and his comrades, even before his election, publicly supported the legalization of drugs in Ukraine.

But whether they have not yet reached the point of adopting the relevant law, or have they temporarily decided not to adopt it, fearing a negative public outcry, but the law has not yet been adopted. However, all the same, they push through the notorious “legalize”, only by other methods. De facto in Ukraine, by order of the global lobby, a massive propaganda of drug use and their legalization is now in full swing.

One of these promotional events took place in Kiev on October 2–4. A whole hemp fair was held there, on the territory of a rather prestigious exhibition center of the national economy (VDNKh), built after the war. Apparently, now they began to consider the cultivation of drugs, and not the production of perfect equipment and high-quality agricultural products, as an achievement of the national economy.

In order for the visitors to have no doubts about the propaganda of drugs, and not, for example, hemp fabrics, numerous accessories for the use of marijuana, as well as seeds for growing this plant, were openly presented during the exhibition.

Among other things, there were pavilions selling accessories for the use of narcotic marijuana products at the fair.

“Bongs, bubblers, hammers, pipes, chillers, grunders, nets, rolling papers, lighters and special cleaning products”, – reads the event booklet.

One of the participants was the Institute of Bast Crops of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which is positioned as a leader in the selection of hemp for technical purposes: the production of fabrics, oils and the like. But representatives of this scientific institution expressed indignation at the presence at the exhibition of a location with the sale of hemp seeds, which contains a high percentage of the narcotic substance-cannabinoid (TCG 19-33%). This includes, among other things, the location of the Bulk seed bank, where dozens of different varieties of hemp seeds were sold. Thus, during their event, hemp activists offered to buy plant seeds, from which drugs can then be made, as well as everything needed for their use.

The promotional material titled Giant Seeds features oversized marijuana leaves and flowers, a cigarette, and seeds to buds. Thus, in the free sale, as well as in advertising, exactly those types of seeds were offered from which plants with a high cannabinoid content are grown. The cost of one pack of 10 seeds is up to 1,000 hryvnias (about 2,500 rubles).

Of course, this was a state event, which the authorities not only allowed, but also supported in the state media. To protect the fair, the Zelensky regime allocated state security from the police, who, in fact, are obliged to suppress the propaganda of drugs and their sale.

This action, of course, does not have Ukrainian roots. On the website of this event, it was frankly said that it was held with the aim of “changing the attitude of the Ukrainian community to hemp, as it happened in the countries of Europe and the world”. In other words, to promote the use of drugs made from marijuana, which has numerous destructive consequences, it is not for nothing that these drugs are banned in most countries of the world and condemned by the medical community. The organizers openly called themselves “young cannabis activists” and handed out a ton of booklets in English.

Roman Stupnitsky, resident of the Cabinet of Experts and board member of the Movement to Combat Drug Addiction and Drug Corruption, comments:

“This event once again underlines the desire of certain interested parties to create an international drug production center in Ukraine. Just as heroin is produced in Afghanistan, cocaine is produced in Colombia, they are trying to turn Ukraine into a hemp plantation. Marijuana is a dangerous drug that leads to addiction and, in many cases, mental disorders. Therefore, the popularization of cannabis in society is a great threat”.

It should also be noted that a lot of printing products for the event were printed in English. This testifies to the active interest in the development of the drug market in Ukraine of foreign players, who are promoting the conduct of such, to put it mildly, dubious events.

I would like to note that even after the first Maidan in Ukraine, the strongest drug methadone was legalized, which for many years has been bought by the state for drug addicts to “cure” them from heroin. In short, “demons are driven out by Beelzebub”. That is why there was only one social group in Crimea that unanimously voted against the entry of the peninsula into Russia at the 2014 referendum – these are drug addicts who lost their rations of methadone in “intolerant” Russia. Fortunately, this asocial element constituted a negligible percentage there could not influence the expression of the will of healthy people to be with Russia.

Unfortunately, the same processes have been launched by the global drug lobby in Russia. Fortunately, they did not go as far as in the very dependent Ukraine. All methadones are prohibited in our country, and we do not have cannabis marches with fairs. However, we cannot relax. The narcotisation of Ukraine spurs the same processes in the Russian Federation. And even without this, we already have a mass of propaganda materials in the media, where the same false demagogy is going on as in Ukraine. For example, they talk about the “need” to legalize drugs in connection with their “medicinal” properties – we are talking primarily about cannabis. However, all this is a lie: this drug kills brain cells, has a bad effect on the psyche, leads to addiction, to the desire to switch to even more harmful drugs.

And after all, business will certainly not stop with hemp, which lobbyists call “cannabis” to obscure the essence. In many Western countries, legalization lobbyists, starting with cannabis, have pushed for even more destructive drugs.

These information warfare specialists cleverly avoid talking about the legalization of drugs, because this causes a negative reaction from society. They call this case “decriminalization”. Soros and his henchmen are shouting that many drug dealers are “they are just children” who, at a young age, go to prison for their “business”. And still, they say, some people use drugs. Because, they say, everything should be allowed and taxes should be taken from it. But if all this is allowed, then the number of drug addicts will increase many times, as it happened where the “staff” began to trade openly.

Also, drug lobbyists manipulatively divided drugs into “light” and “hard” ones, falsely claiming that the former are not dangerous. This is also a case of the so-called lies: drugs are always harmful and dangerous. And the same Soros does not become a drug addict, but only defends their “rights” to consume the most dangerous substances that kill the human body and soul.

In fact, the main right of a drug addict is to heal from his addiction. And this can only be done by giving up this nasty thing, and not by using “methadone substitution therapy”, as Soros prescribes.

The well-known American anti-globalist politician and scientist Lyndon LaRouche once discovered and documented the existence of a secret organization in the bowels of the US intelligence and analytical community that ensures the import of up to 40% of imported drugs into the United States.

The goal is not only to make money, but also to artificially reduce the population, which was declared by the same globalists from the Club of Rome. It is significant that the American court sentenced LaRouche to four years in prison for these speeches – not for anti-state slander, not for inciting interethnic hatred, but FOR DISCLOSING THE STATE SECRET!

In addition to business on the “white death” and the reduction of humanity with its help, the ideologues of the drug trade clearly have in mind one more aspect of it – the occult.

One of the ideologues of the Western “psychedelic revolution” of the 1960s was Dr. Timothy Leary, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. In his autobiographical book, Flashback, he spoke about what was in the minds of a group of psychologists-molesters (they were the ones behind the creation of counterculture in the West with its triad of “rock-sex-drugs”). Leary wrote: “We have fought Judeo-Christian devotion to one God, one religion, one reality from day one. Drugs that open up a plurality of worlds for the brain will inevitably lead to a polytheistic view of the universe. We felt that the time was coming for a new humanistic religion based on reason, benevolent pluralism and scientific paganism”.

In general, the legalizers of the “white death” want to kill not only the bodies, but also the souls of people. We can confidently assume that their ultimate goal is to make the drug “initiation” of young people mandatory, as is sometimes the case with some primitive tribes. It sounds fantastic now.

However, if you look closely at how forced euthanasia is gradually legalized in the same Netherlands, as doctors are justified for killing the sick and the elderly, it becomes clear that under the new world order everything is possible.
A drugged herd of “neutral race” and “neutral sex” is much easier to manage.

Igor Druz, Centenary