Trump called Biden a corrupt and lying politician

American President Donald Trump has urged his competitor from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, to disclose all information about his involvement in the family business

“Joe Biden must immediately make public all e-mails, meetings, phone calls, transcripts and records related to his involvement in his family’s business transactions and his use of influence around the world, including in China and Russia”, –  Trump said at the Iowa rally.

In addition, he called Biden a corrupt politician and accused him of lying. He claimed that he had not discussed his business with his son, but the New York Post, citing emails received by the newspaper, published an article claiming that Biden, as Vice President in 2015, held a meeting with Vadim Pozharsky, a senior official of the Ukrainian Burisma company. He was still the Vice President at the time. At the same time, Biden later assured that there was no such meeting.