The US states that Navalny should have died twice

Continuing to exploit an unproven version with poisoning, the US claims that Alexei Navalny’s poison was slipped twice

As News Front reported earlier, on August 20 Alexey Navalny felt ill during the flight and the plane was landed in Omsk on an emergency basis. It was taken to hospital, but was later transported to Germany. In Berlin, it is said that Navalny was allegedly poisoned with the poison of the Beginner group.

The Russian government was responsible for what happened, and the lack of evidence allows Western media to speculate on the topic, inflaming the situation. For example, the American publication The New York Times, citing some sources, claims that Navalny was poisoned twice.

According to NYT, the powdered poisoning agent was dissolved in tea, which the opposition drank at the airport before his flight. It is known that the photo of Navalny with a glass at Tomsk airport was distributed at the NYT almost immediately after his hospitalization. In addition, the newspaper reports that the poison was also on a bottle of water that Navalny took from the hotel.

According to the British authorities, the Beginner was used in Salisbury to eliminate the former Russian secret service employee and defector Sergei Skripal. Almost the entire city was cordoned off because of the accident, and specialists wore chemical protection suits when they approached the place where the Novichok was supposed to be used. Despite this, the New York Times and the so-called source do not specify how Navalny managed to survive two attempts at poisoning with such a powerful toxin.

Such contradictions do not prevent Western countries from introducing new sanctions against Russia. Today it has become known that the European Union has introduced restrictions. The blacklist included Alexander Bortnikov, head of the Federal Security Service, Sergei Kirienko, first deputy head of the presidential administration, Andrey Yarin, head of the presidential department for internal policy, Sergei Menyailo, plenipotentiary representative in Siberia, Pavel Popov and Alexei Krivoruchko, deputy defence ministers.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, called this EU approach inappropriate and unacceptable. In addition, the Ministry is interested in uncovering the provocation and its instigators.

“We are very interested in who is behind this anti-Russian provocation, which was staged from the very beginning. As an answer we get aggressive rhetoric and frank manipulation of facts”, –  the Foreign Ministry said.