Hunter Biden – even more censorship

The liberal press and social networks went into deafness when faced with another corruption scandal by the Biden family. On Hunter’s laptop, which was given for repair, documents were found indicating his father’s involvement in Burisma’s activities – while he was Vice President of the USA

Many journalists flatly refused to publish any of Hunter’s documents: they said they had not been checked. As we know, this never stops them from writing another scandalous article about Trump, which will be quickly disproved. But the approach to Biden is different.

Representatives of Facebook have announced their intention  to artificially understate the dynamics of the discussion of the Biden scandal. Twitter went further and banned the publication of links to the New York Post article analysing documents from Hunter’s lost laptop.

The liberal public has a terrible deja vu – the Clinton Post epic is repeated as Biden’s documents. Now they, who have learned from the bitter experience of the 2016 elections, will do everything they can to silence and shut up all the negativity about Biden – no matter how much reputational damage it does.

Immediately they began to recall the most scandalous cases of the publication of unconfirmed facts about Trump and the Republicans. Steele’s dossier about Rashagete, merged into the BuzzFeed dumpster, is one of the most famous examples. Or an article about one of the Republican sponsors based on his mail hacked by Qatari intelligence. There was no blockage or discussion of “journalistic ethics” at the time.

Of the latter, there was an article about Trump’s tax deductions (, which had escaped from the US tax service by unknown (and illegal) means. Twitter justifies itself by not authorising the publication of data  without the permission of its owner. But these rules do not apply to Trump, of course.

In an impulse of censorship, Twitter even blocked  the account of White House spokesperson Kaylie McInani. At this rate, the social networks will make sure that Congress, after the elections, adopts the reform as a matter of priority, equating it with publishers, and enforcing the first amendment on freedom of speech.

Malek Dudakov