How did a major US publication end up on the Facebook blacklist along with News Front

An article by The New York Post revealing Joe Biden’s lies about his Ukrainian affairs, Facebook and Twitter were blacklisted, suppressing freedom of speech to the benefit of the Democratic Party of the United States.

It is not the first time that two major American social networks are fighting against those media outlets that disseminate information that contradicts the position of Western elites. Facebook and Twitter already have News Front on their blacklist.
Back in April, the Facebook administration irretrievably deleted the official pages of our agency without giving any reasons. Facebook now prohibits even linking to News Front. Earlier, a similar blockage was introduced on Twitter.

Now the American edition of The New York Post has also faced similar problems. Social networks prohibit users from referring to an article in this newspaper, which deals with the Ukrainian cases of Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The latter is known to have been a member of the board of directors of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. With no experience in this field, he was promoted to this position by his father. Moreover, Joe Biden, as Vice President of the United States, forced Petro Poroshenko to dismiss Viktor Shokin as Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Biden claimed that the reason for this was allegedly corruption in the department. In fact, Shokin began auditing financial fraud at Burisma.

Now Biden denies any ties with the Ukrainian company. He claimed that he had never discussed foreign business with his son, but an article in the New York Post shows that the Democrat openly lied to voters. The publication has copies of data from a laptop that may have been owned by Hunter Biden. Correspondence is still there, which makes it clear that the former vice president had been in contact with a Burisma representative.

The Facebook administration has limited the frequency with which this information appears in user news feeds. Twitter generally prohibited people from referring to the New York Post publication.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone has publicly announced that the company will stop the spread of information that is not acceptable to the Democratic Party of the United States. According to him, according to Facebook’s policy, administrators can take action against content that they deem to be inaccurate.

Twitter attributes its actions to the fact that the article violates the policy of distributing hacked content, although this does not apply to data obtained by the New York Post. It was discovered by the owner of an electronics shop where a water-infested laptop was delivered. He was unable to contact the client later and handed over the found material to US President Rudolf Giuliani’s lawyer.