France describes how Poland becomes an anti-European weapon for the USA

The imperial ambitions of Warsaw’s elites, who already intend to revive the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, are not really benefiting the Poles

At the end of July, the presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine signed an agreement to create the so-called Lublin Triangle. Officially, the alliance implies cooperation of these countries in military, economic, social and political spheres. In practice, it only expands Warsaw’s regional influence, writes the French edition of AgoraVox.

“Poland has long portrayed itself as a regional leader, while at the same time considering itself an unfairly deprived state. But of course Poland could not include neighbouring countries. That’s why we chose the intermediate option – an international alliance with the centre in Warsaw,” explains the author.

However, modern geopolitical realities are clearly against Poland. The international alliance established by Poland is ineffective, both from a military and political point of view. The Lublin Triangle does not stand up to competition with NATO and the EU in this sense. But the initiative cannot be considered useless, because it has a serious beneficiary.

“It is no secret that we have our own views of Europe on the other side of the Atlantic. Warsaw, being a good friend of Washington, provides two services at once,” the publication explains.

Viewing the European Union as a competitor, the United States acts on the principle of “divide and conquer”. By creating a new international alliance in Europe, Poland is creating a rift in an already unstable Europe. At the same time, the creation of Warsaw includes countries known for their submission to Washington. In addition, the Lublin Triangle becomes a barrier between Western Europe and Russia when Paris and Berlin try to establish relations with Moscow.

But the ambitions of Warsaw are of little interest to its overseas partners. By provoking a crisis on the continent, it can make enemies in the EU, eventually finding itself “between a rock and a hard place” – Russia and Western Europe. In such a situation, the USA is unlikely to be able to offer the Poles decent compensation.

In this regard, the publication cites the situation in Georgia. There, the US is actively developing military infrastructure and providing showcase financial support. But the country’s economy collapsed at the moment when the country lost Russian tourists last year.

“Poland will have to moderate its ambition if it does not want to find itself in a similar situation”, – concludes the publication.