Ukraine ready to purchase Russian COVID-19 vaccine

Although it will be sorely recommended by the WHO.

Maxim Stepanov, Minister of Health of Ukraine, told NewsOne that Ukraine will purchase the coronavirus vaccine from any country, including Russia, if the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms its effectiveness and safety.

“We have a statement from Russians that they have made the vaccine, but there is no confirmation from international organizations about the effectiveness of this vaccine, that it has passed all stages and it is safe, in the Ministry of Health,” – said the official.

According to Stepanov, in case of confirmation of passing all stages and tests, as well as after receiving evidence of safe use, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health is ready to talk about buying any vaccine, regardless of the country of manufacture.

The statement of the Ukrainian Minister clearly proves that the Ukrainian propaganda of an irreconcilable fight against the “aggressor country” ends where the real fear of a deadly threat begins. And there are in fact no obstacles to buying the vaccine from Russia, especially when it becomes clear that the Western vaccine, which Kiev had hoped for soon, is yielding disappointing test results and will not appear in the near future.


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