Trump’s failure threatens Russia with new challenges

I have always treated the American elections as a good football match where two foreign teams play: it is interesting to watch, but the result does not matter.

Dull Bush Sr. vs. walking Clinton, then the same Clinton vs. Bob Dole, who I don’t even really remember, then dull Al Gore vs. funny Bush Jr., then the same Bush vs. arrogant Boston John Kerry, then even more arrogant but also very charismatic Obama vs. heroic but stupid McCain, and then absolutely dull and unpleasant Romney.

In all these duels there was nothing that could hurt Russian feelings. The party of bankers, campuses on the shores of two oceans and the bombing of the outside world in the name of “freedom” – against the party of oil workers, evangelical pastors and again the bombing of the outside world in the name of “freedom” – and where are we? Nowhere.

Everything changed a lot in 2016 – and it’s very radical now. Donald Fredovich Trump is not just the President of the USA. He is the only big politician in the world (not counting someone in our region) who opposes the growing roar of suicidal madness into which the Western world – at least the Anglo-Saxon and (former) Protestant part of it – has fallen.

And none of its shortcomings – and we know and see them – matter against the backdrop of the undeniable fact that it is alone now against that new order where the matriarchy, the thirty-eight gender, the dog language of triggers and minting privileges, the Somali and Sudanese traditions, the throwing of Shakespeares and Churchillas from the ship of modernity, psychotherapy, the impersonal cold of corporate censorship, the deification of savages and nomads, the survival of the state, nation, religion and family – apart from some particularly useful ones, the inflating of megacities and the destruction of the province, sanctimonious morality and squealish vigilance – where all this is combined in a new and sickly pattern.

And if you remember that in Russia many of the Western world’s destructive fashions are even more terrible than at home – because there is no one here to resist, the average citizen is weak, poor and divided – it is clear that the filth that Trump is trying to fight there, tomorrow it will be important to sit here in the presidium.

The problem with Donald Fredovic is the same loneliness. None of his opponents are even trying to pretend to choose Konstantin Ustinovich Biden personally. Comrade Biden doesn’t matter to them, he’s just a mask, a very conventional shell, with which the new order has now covered itself, but at any moment it can be discarded and another one will emerge.

The robot who tells you that you broke the rules of the community by using the forbidden word, the leftist in the hood who thugs the shop because it’s a fight against racism, the boy and girl who are gloomy and talk boyishly, that they are now the authorities in your country, and whoever does not support them has no “dignity”, or a man wrapped in a rag, whose identity, oppressed by the white shaitans, tells you to cut the ram right here, and say thank you if the ram is not you yet.

The name is known to them as the Legion. And Donald Fredovich is the only copy.

Let’s ask the Creator of History and Fate about his almost impossible success on November 3rd, and if he fails, and the whole global Morra sits in America – let’s get ready for difficulties. Not only the difficulties there, I repeat, but also ours.

Dmitry Olshansky


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