The State Department demands that those who refused to rigged votes in favour of Tikhanovskaya be punished

Washington addressed the Belarusian leadership with an unexpected demand after it imposed sanctions on a number of prominent figures in the republic

During a press conference on Wednesday, 14 October, Michael Pompeo, head of the US Department of State, demanded that Belarusian officials who were performing their duties during the elections be brought to justice. The State Department believes that by doing so they “undermined democracy”, because they did not help Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a housewife, to become president.

“We continue to demand that the leadership of Belarus bring to justice those responsible for undermining democracy, as we already did when we imposed sanctions against those responsible, along with our democratic allies in Europe and Canada”, –  said Pompeo.

The US Treasury Department has already blacklisted eight Belarusian officials, including Interior Minister Yuri Karaev and CEC Secretary Elena Dmukhailo.


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