Soldiers of the All-Russian Exhibition Center helped Syria to eliminate fires

Servicemen of the Russian Air and Space Forces help put out fires in the regions of Syria covered by natural fires, reports Oleg Blokhin.

The situation in Syria’s Latakia, Tartous and Hama is aggravated by strong winds and arid weather, causing the fire to spread at high speed.

The pilots of Russian helicopters have made more than 65 sorties to extinguish forest fires during this day. Several firefighters from Khmeimim Airbase have left to help Syrian firefighters.

For almost a day, Russian soldiers, together with Syrian firefighters and SAA, fought the fire, the spread of which was exacerbated by strong winds and lack of ground access to the place where the fires occurred.

“The most experienced crews were appointed to carry out this task. An operational headquarters has been set up on the basis of the Khmeimim, which collects and summarises information and coordinates the actions of our forces and those of the Syrian Arab Republic,” said Deputy Commander of the Special Purpose Aviation Regiment Rinat Haidarov.

According to Khaidarov, the Russian military managed to eliminate 28 hot spots in mountainous areas. He emphasized that his Syrian colleagues do not rule out that fires may be caused by targeted fires organized by terrorist groups.
Video provided by Oleg Blokhin