America’s left-wing radicals are preparing for a revolution – Democrats approve

If Donald Trump wins the presidential election on 3 November, left-wing extremist groups will react with an armed uprising.

A radical manifesto to this effect has already appeared online, making it clear that left-wing groups are preparing for a fierce confrontation as much as the right.

“If the right is ready to steal the election, then we must be ready to break the status quo and resist. This guide offers resources for the organisation in your communities across the country”, –  the document says.

By provoking a wave of unrest across the country, left-wing radicals intend to subjugate authorities, including Congress, so that at some point lawmakers will recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the vote.

Hillary Clinton, who lost the election four years ago, has already advised Biden not to admit defeat under any circumstances. Moreover, John Podesta, the former head of her campaign staff, was seen working on a scenario of blackmailing congressmen as a recession in the Western states unless Parliament declared Biden the new president.

However, the ultra-right are also not wasting time. They recently held a conference, announcing the mobilization of like-minded people across the country and a firearms exercise.

“You are your own self-defence”, – said the famous American radical Stuart Rhodes. – “In the next 30 days, you must organize yourself in your cities and districts.”

This type of preparation could lead to serious fighting on the streets of American cities, given the high polarisation of the population. A sense of chaos is forcing US citizens to take action. While some are emptying the shelves of gun shops, others are packing up and leaving the country.