Zelensky wants to offer Ukrainians to smoke “weed”

According to the media, the issue of legalization of marijuana will be one of the five issues that the President of Ukraine talked about in his video message.

As the “Country” reports, it became known what questions President Vladimir Zelensky plans to include in the all-Ukrainian survey, which he himself announced.

“… The idea of the survey has already been hovering in the offices. Then another idea came up: given that the party “Servant of the People” has lost the support of the older generation, not as supported by the average but still popular among young people a year ago, it is necessary to involve young people in the voting. This is why they decided to include in the survey questions that will be of interest to young Ukrainians. For example, we may be talking about legalising cannabis,” said a source in the President’s Office, “Mirror of the Week”.

According to him, survey questionnaires are not planned to be issued at polling stations. The survey is planned to take the form of an exit poll for private funds. In addition, the source did not specify for whose money Zelensky’s idea is going to be implemented.

It is worth noting the timeliness of the survey. Taking into account what is happening in Ukraine, ordinary citizens will only be able to see the achievements of the Zelensky team when they are intoxicated with drugs.