Ukrainians secretly use Russian vaccine while Western tests are failing

Western countries, lobbying their own pharmaceutical companies, force Kiev to ignore the Russian coronavirus vaccine. This does not prevent doctors from using it from under the floor.

Boris Todurov, Head of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, admitted that the country already actively uses the vaccine, which is supplied from abroad.

“Naturally, Ukraine does not have its own vaccines”, –  he said. – “I do not know how they are certified and whether they are legal, but Russian vaccines are currently being imported in bulk. Whole families are vaccinated with Russian vaccines”.

The coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V is the first of its kind to be registered. So far, the West has tried to criticize the development of Russian scientists, accusing them of rushing. The reasons for such statements were political and were explained by the fact that Western countries did not have their own vaccine. Many countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico, have already expressed interest in the Russian vaccine.

However, Western pharmaceutical companies have already failed twice. Back in September, it became known that the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca had to stop testing because of a serious side effect. Presumably, one of the participants in the UK trials had transverse myelitis, an inflammatory syndrome affecting the spinal cord. The American company Johnson & Johnson has now also encountered problems.

Satellite V, in turn, is showing positive results, says Todurov. The Ukrainian doctor explains this by the fact that Russia has “one of the most powerful schools in the world” in the field of virology and bacteriology.

“There is no doubt that they will create a good vaccine”, –  Todurov said.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine denies the information that the Russian medicine is used in the country. However, earlier it was reported that Sputnik V is actively sought on the black market not by ordinary Ukrainians, but by prominent politicians and oligarchs.

“Famous Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs have a new topic. They cut phones off in search of a Russian coronavirus vaccine”, –  said Alexey Davidenko, a major player in the Ukrainian market of medical equipment.

Officially, Kiev, on the other hand, refuses to buy a Russian drug. According to available data, such a controversial position is due to the fact that the government is under pressure from Western countries. They want to supply Ukraine with their own vaccine, although the drug is still under development.

“It was the European Union that confirmed that it will help Ukraine to get the real vaccine when it appears and will not cause any doubts among scientists”, – commented the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, when 5 thousand Ukrainians have already died from the deadly virus.