Trump’s October surprises – Russia is in the foreground

The American president is trying to assure the country that he has fully recovered. Trump received a negative result in the coronavirus test and was released from quarantine. He held the first big campaign event after his illness in Florida, where he announced that he would soon defeat the virus.

Trump now has the task of showing that he is back on the horse a couple of weeks before the election. Trump is preparing some “October surprises” to surprise his opponents during the most critical period of the presidential race.

He has already signed a decree declassifying all Russiagate documents. The data that are beginning to come from the CIA and the FBI prove the involvement of Clinton’s political technologists  in promoting the theory of Trump’s links with Russia. Both Obama and probably Biden were well aware of this.

The second surprise concerns the renegotiation of START 3, which expires in February 2021. Trump hopes to agree with Russia on a work plan for the new treaty just before the elections. This fits in with his new image as a “dealmaker”: with both Israel and Serbia.

By the way, the term “October surprise” itself appeared in 1980, when President Carter tried to resolve the hostage issue at the American embassy in Tehran before the elections. He failed to do so: but in the case of Trump, the task seems simpler. We can only change START 3 slightly and present it with a new contract.

But these man-made surprises will not stop there. At the end of October, a Senate vote is expected on the approval of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. And on 29 October, the results of the third quarter of 2020 will be shown, where an unprecedented economic growth is expected against the backdrop of a recovery: within 30%.

It is also worth remembering some unexpected scandals that may still haunt Trump and Biden’s campaigns. The 2020 elections will definitely become one of the most saturated on the information agenda in American history.

Malek Dudakov


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