The US Congress has already figured out how to remove Biden from power if he wins

Lower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists on considering a 25th amendment to the US Constitution.

It refers to the temporary or permanent removal of the President from power. There is a part about the fact that the head of state cannot perform his or her duties, as the vice president and most members of the administration believe, for health or other reasons.

In such cases, the President is removed from power and the position of Head of State is held by the Vice President, who will then appoint a successor.

A request for removal from office is made by Congress. It must be approved by two thirds of both chambers.

Pelosi herself is targeting a loophole in the amendment. It says that the President can be removed “when the Vice-President and a majority of either the Chief Executive Officers of executive departments or such other body as Congress may by law provide” write a written document of removal.

Thus, the support of most key ministers will not be required. All that is needed is the Vice President and any body that Congress will create. By the way, it is not there yet. In fact, this is what Pelosi proposes to do: create a commission that will question the president’s state of mind.

The current head of state, Donald Trump, suggested that perhaps the whole Pelosi performance was for Joe Biden, not even for him. So if he suddenly becomes president, it will be easy to eliminate him.


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