The EU supported the legally elected President of Kirghizia

In Brussels, they said that President Zheenbekov played a key role in resolving the crisis in Kyrgyzstan.

The EU supported the legally elected President of Kirghizia

According to TASS, a statement issued on Tuesday by the European Union Delegation to Kyrgyzstan said that the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Zheenbekov plays a key role in resolving the political crisis that emerged in the country after the parliamentary elections.

“The European Union remains committed to working with the legitimate authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic and stresses the key role of the President in the political process of resolving the current crisis through an inclusive dialogue with all forces and creating conditions for the organization of new, free and fair parliamentary elections in accordance with international standards and under the supervision of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights,” the statement said. – We fully support the democratic right of the Kyrgyz people to vote without any interference or abuse.

At the same time, the statement noted that the procedural aspects of the appointment of Sadyr Zhaparov as Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, which, according to some representatives of Kyrgyz society and the international community, could have been carried out with violations, should be clarified.

This is a rare case when the European Union did not take the side of the opponents of legitimate power in another attempt to hold a “colour revolution” in one of the former Soviet republics.


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