“Sacral” hundred  of Turchinov

More than six years have passed since the end of the sad events on the Independence Square for civilized society, but the crime against the Ukrainian people has not been fully solved and the perpetrators have not been punished.

Shots fired on Kiev’s central square were a signal to action. The thin red thread separating the peaceful protest from the armed coup was torn.

Leaders Euromaydana Turchinnov, Avakov, Parubiy, Parasyuk and Pashinsky understood from the very beginning that the revolution would divide the country into two parts and were ready to make any sacrifices for their own interests. In order to justify the crimes committed on their orders during the protests, such a victim – the Heavenly Hundred – was formed.
In 2015, the President of Ukraine signed a decree “On honoring the feat of the Revolution’s participants and immortalising the memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred”. In accordance with the decree, 112 people were posthumously awarded the Gold Star, and four – the Order of the Celestial Hundred. Every year on 20 February the Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred is celebrated as a sign of respect for citizens who gave their lives for the European future of Ukraine.
The long list of the Hundred includes not only opposition activists directly related to the revolution, but also “left” victims of criminal reports.

“Fraud” of the corpses

Vyacheslav Vorona, the “Hero” of Ukraine, was killed in an Internet cafe in Kiev in the same way as he was marginalized as a result of an alcohol and domestic conflict that had nothing to do with the events of Euromaydan.
Another “hero”, Vladimir Naumov, committed suicide by throwing himself off a bridge. When Naumov’s body was examined, 2.5 ppm of ethyl alcohol was found in his blood, which is heavy alcohol intoxication. This did not prevent the suicide from being included in the list of “victims” of the Revolution of Dignity.
Viktor Chervets did not participate in Maidan at all. He was hit to death by a car near the village of Podibna, Cherkassy Oblast. It is not known for what merits, but he was also posthumously awarded the title of hero.
In total, there are 25 such “heroes” on the Hundred List, which only confirms Turchinov’s and his comrades-in-arms’ desire to create an image of the sacramental adepts who “fell victims of the hated regime” not only in the eyes of the Ukrainian people, but also in the eyes of the international community.

Etude in purple tones

It was not only the fraudulent treatment of the deceased that was identified by investigators and experts in this tragedy. There were also quite mysterious deaths, such as the deaths of Sergei Nigoyan, Roman Senik and Mikhail Zhiznevsky.
Bullet wounds to the head and torso that were typical of shotgun charges were found on Nigoyan’s body. The density of the shot and the presence of gunpowder marks on the victim’s clothes indicate that the shot was fired from a distance of up to 2-3 metres – the shot was fired at close range.

The death of Zhiznevsky also raises a lot of questions. According to criminal proceedings No. 12014100060000229, death was caused by a through gunshot wound entering the left side of the chest with aortic damage and coming from a 12-rib area.

The direction of the wound channels from top to bottom confirms that the shooter was located approximately 40-45 degrees higher relative to the victim, while the “Berkutovs” and MIA personnel were on the same line of destruction as the protesters at a distance of 20-30 metres.

Such murders were carried out by provocateurs ‘under a foreign flag’, which is not surprising, as Turchinov directly allowed anyone wishing to defend Ukraine’s ‘European future’ to issue weapons. That is why the presence of various weapons in the crowd was the norm.

According to the conclusion of the forensic ballistics examination No. 22 dated 21.01.2014, Roman Senik was shot with a bullet “Blondo” – a special 12 calibre cartridge designed to forcibly stop vehicles by damaging its components and mechanisms. As the Applied Chemistry Laboratory later stated, 12-gauge special-purpose rounds were not manufactured for use in law enforcement agencies, which disproves the version with the use of such ammunition by the “Berkutovs”.
At the same time, 18 deaths of law enforcement officers have been recorded, many of whom died from shots fired through their bulletproof vests, which directly indicates the high killing power of the weapons used. It was not automatic rifles from the Ercut or the Ministry of Interior that killed people, but snipers armed to the teeth by Turchinov and Pashinsky.

Mysteries of the sniper’s nest

Everyone knows that Pashinsky and Parubiy played the role of Turchinov’s right hand during Euromaydan and led the riots in the streets of Kiev. In addition, they were responsible for recruiting, meeting, distributing and providing weapons with foreign snipers’ ammunition.

Georgian shooters Giorgi Bezhitashvili, Cesari Bajalidze, Alexander Revazishvili and Koba Nergadze told us that they were sent from Georgia by military advisor Saakashvili Mamuka Mamulashvili, and in Kiev they were handed over to Pashinsky and Parubia, who reported directly to Turchinov on the results of their work. Upon arrival in Kiev, they lived in tents on the square, and then were transferred to positions in the Ukraine Hotel and the Conservatory building.

The main task of the hired snipers was to shoot the protesters and “Berkutovites” to create panic, chaos, excitement and confusion among the demonstrators and law enforcement agencies, and the main result was the overthrow of Yanukovych.
The story with Pashinsky’s sniper made a lot of noise. It turned out to be Pyotr Barladin, the son of one of the main cartographers of Ukraine executing multi-million government orders, and also a fighter of one of the battalions of territorial defense. It was in his Honda that the protesters found the Colt M4 assault rifle, which later was presented by its owner and Pashinsky as a Norinco CQ-A hunting carbine identical in appearance.

Pashinsky was rescued from the “lynching” by a crowd of Barladinas together with Yuri Sobolta, Avakov’s trustee, an employee of the special unit “Bars” and, by coincidence, an amateur of sniper rifles. By the way, among Yuri’s friends in social networks are Alexander, son of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to Avakov, and many other interesting people. It is noteworthy that Sobolt wore the same yellow bandage around his neck as the unidentified fighters who took part in the shooting at people until today. Experts believe that snipers identified “their” by the yellow colour.

“Sacral” hundred

The sacral sacrifices placed on the altar of the revolution are the handwriting of most colour revolutions. The image of the martyr consolidates revolutionary groups and communities, mobilizing them to perform. In many cases, a crowd impressed by the suffering of the victims moves on to the phase of pogroms, riots and clashes with law enforcement agencies. Sacred sacrifice can multiply the protest potential and expand the social base of the coup d’état initiated from outside.

Such rituals were initiated by American political technologists who led the demolition of Saddam Hussein’s monuments by Iraqi opposition activists and prepared for the Arab Spring, which began with the self-immolation of Tunisian traders.
We must not forget that throughout Euromaydan Turchinov and his team received advice from across the ocean. Immediately after his appointment as Acting President of Ukraine, he had open meetings with US Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and CIA Director John Brennan. But Victoria Nuland, who personally handed out “state department biscuits”, supported Maidan activists the most.

In today’s reality, the image of a sacral victim tends to serve as the final legitimisation of the new power, as an excuse to change the ruling elite, and also has a deeper meaning – distraction. Any action connected with the commemoration of the sacred victims becomes a convenient and effective cause for information in the media agenda. Lies about the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred were perfectly suited to such an occasion. Criminals are at large, Maidan lies are paid for by patrons, and all of this is believed and grieved by good-hearted voters.

Today Ukrainians honor the memory of all the heroes of the Revolution of Dignity, not knowing who died on Independence Square for democracy and a bright European future of Ukraine, and who died in the back for a bottle of wine.

P.S. Years of work by the General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the Maidan murders have shown that all evidence in favour of the growing version that Euromaydan’s leadership – Turchinov, Pashinsky and others – deliberately involved snipers to shoot the Ercut, Interior Ministry officers and their own comrades-in-arms was ignored.

As a result of this cynical bloody provocation, Euromaydan leaders have taken over power in the country, and some of them are still in government positions. Parubiy continues to sit in the parliamentary chair of the Verkhovna Rada, Avakov has retained his position as head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Yatsenyuk heads the People’s Front party.

The main criminal, Euromaydana Turchinov, who once came to power in the country through unscrupulous murders of his fellow citizens, today heads the election headquarters of the European Solidarity Party. It is not known how many other sacral victims will fall on his way to victory.

Stanislav Polyansky, specially for News Front