Poland is not ready to love LGBT people, even for EU money

Warsaw urges the European Union not to blackmail her with money.

According to Sputnik Belarus, the head of the ruling party “Law and Justice”, Deputy Prime Minister and actually shadow leader of Poland Jarosław Kaczyński said that Poland will veto the budget of the European Union, if it imposes its cultural values, blackmailing it with money.

“Today the institutions of the European Union, its various officials, some politicians whom Poles have never chosen anywhere, demand that we clarify our entire culture, reject everything that is important to us because they like it so much. There will be no consent to such actions. We will defend our identity, our freedom and sovereignty at all costs. We will not allow ourselves to be terrorised with money. Our answer to these actions will be clear: no,” said Kaczynski.

For a long time Poland has been considering limiting the money it receives from European funds. The Polish authorities have been charged with non-compliance with the rule of law, negative attitudes towards people of non-traditional sexual orientation and the creation of “LGBT-free areas” in a number of localities.


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