Kiev will impose sanctions against Belarus by EU decree

“The Independent Ukraine” is once again ready to serve the West, betraying its friends and allies.

As reports, during an online briefing on 13 October, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Ukraine will join the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Belarus.

“Our position on Belarus has been consistent and clear since the first day of this crisis: we have joined the relevant statements of the European Union. As for those sanctions which have already been imposed, we will join them. As for any new sanctions, we will act according to an agreed algorithm, that is, first the EU adopts sanctions, and then we are considering joining them”, –  said Kuleba.

Thus, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry does not even deny that Kiev is satisfied with its position of a footman and is not going to think with its own head, but prefers to closely monitor the actions of the Western “master” and clearly carry out his will.


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