It is not the Americans who will really choose the President of the USA

The presidential campaign in the United States is taking its course.


Vogue magazine wrote in Instagram that ‘fashion is politics’ and called for the purchase of a Merch created by the country’s ’19 Leading Designers’ to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. At the end of the post, the publication realised that something was missing and reminded it to come to the elections.

Foreign figures are also not left out.

Swedish environmental activist Greta Tunberg, who has grown up since last year, also campaigned in favour of the Democratic Party candidate. She chose to use Twitter as a mouthpiece, where she expressively expressed her idea: “I mean…you know…shit! Just get organised and get everyone to vote #Biden”.

True professionals work with the girl, making spectacular use of the hashtag, among other things.

Other selebrities have acted more subtly – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, better known as Prince Harry and Megan Markle and now living in Los Angeles. At the end of September they recorded a video calling on US citizens to come to the polls on election day.

The resonance, however, was mostly not what they had hoped for. Megan Markle has spoken negatively to the American president on numerous occasions in the past. Harry is not a US citizen at all. In addition, by retaining the title of duke, the couple broke the basic rule of the British royal family about not participating in politics, let alone in another state. And in the formally neutral wording of their address, the transparent support of the same Joe Biden is easily seen.

So because of the video, Harry and Megan have become a target for public discontent. The other day, Jason Smith, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, sent an official address to the British Ambassador to the USA, Karen Pierce, in which he expressed concern about the interference of spouses in the presidential election.

The British tabloids have written that they are also extremely dissatisfied with the couple’s behaviour at Buckingham Palace. Moreover, it is rumoured that Harry has already been summoned on the carpet to Queen Elizabeth, who intends to give him an obstruction for acts that are unacceptable to members of the monarchy.

At the same time, it is clear that by modern standards, his grandmother’s outgoing grandson has done nothing.

In the last presidential election in the USA, London Mayor Sadick Khan openly supported Hillary Clinton. He certainly does not belong to the royal family, but he is a much more official person than number six in the line of succession to the British throne.

In fact, it has become commonplace over the last twelve years for foreign opinion leaders to support Democratic Party candidates. Twelve and eight years ago, all progressive humanity openly and most actively supported Barack Obama, the first black man in the White House. The propaganda hysteria of the liberals on the planet four years ago for Hillary Clinton, the first female contender for the Oval Office, is fresh in the minds of many. Any influential social and political figures, cultural figures and simply celebrities, regardless of citizenship or where they live, were involved.

So the current campaign in support of Joe Biden simply continues the established practice over the years.

From this point of view, new facets are beginning to be played by the already dull accusations that Russia has interfered in the American elections. Usually they are perceived as a reflection of the foreign policy habit of the United States of unceremoniously getting involved in the electoral processes in other countries.

However, it is the Democrats who have launched this topic into domestic politics and constantly support it. They are the Democrats who are dissatisfied with the election of Donald Trump – the very Democrats who made it standard practice long ago for foreigners to influence the American choice of their head of state.

Of course, the authors of this technology are convinced that it does not pose any threat to the sovereignty of the United States, as foreigners in this case act as a tool that is used exactly as the American organisers need it.

The only interesting thing about politics is that any tool here can be turned against its creator, and opening a Pandora’s Box makes it very difficult to keep its contents under control.

The current experience of the United States, which is testing the capabilities of colour revolution technology on its own, is another proof of this. And there and there it can reach foreigners who really want to influence the choice of the White House owner.

Irina Alksnis, RIA


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