In the United States, the method for which Russia was criticized is being actively used in elections

More than 10 million Americans have already voted in the US presidential election, which will be held in 3 weeks only.

As News Front previously reported, the Coronavirus Pandemic allowed the Democratic Party to initiate widespread remote voting in the US under the guise of citizen care. At the same time, Ipsos sociologists claim that Biden’s supporters are 3% more likely to vote by mail than Trump voters.

This information allows Democrats to falsify the vote in their favour, especially as the struggle in a polarised country unfolds for every percentage point, and previous experience with mail-order elections is questionable.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in particular, examined the situation during the 2008 elections. At that time, some Americans also voted remotely, with 3.9 million voters still waiting for their ballots; 2.9 million ballots sent out simply disappeared without returning to the election commission staff; another 800,000 ballots were not accepted for a variety of reasons. Against this background, even the OSCE is questioning the legitimacy of the elections.

It is also noteworthy that voting is already taking place actively throughout the country. Pro-American NGOs were furiously criticizing the Russian government for the fact that voting on constitutional amendments began a few days earlier. In the USA, according to the Electoral Project, almost 10.4 million citizens have already voted, although the elections will only take place on November 3.

The number of ballots cast in Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin already exceeds 20% of the total turnout in 2016.