In Lithuania, citizens are being frightened by radiation from the BelAES

In Lithuania, the situation with regard to the BelAES continues to be pressured. For example, people in the country have begun to receive messages with fears about the radiation danger that comes from the plant.

In addition, citizens are encouraged not to leave the premises and to take potassium iodide pills.

This was reported by Sputnik Lithuania, referring to the Vilnius City Hall.

At the same time, the Radiation Protection Centre stresses that there is no cause for concern: the radiation monitoring stations have not detected any changes in the background of natural ionising radiation.

“The population has no reason to worry or take potassium iodide pills, which are designed only to protect the thyroid gland from the harmful effects of radioactive iodine”, –  the City Hall stated.

But the main thing is to raise panic. We should not expect any adequate actions from Lithuania. Vilnius has been demonising BelAES from the very beginning and is not tired of writing new stories about the horrors of the plant.