Greek Foreign Ministry named Turkey as the main factor of instability in the Mediterranean

The Greek Foreign Ministry has commented on the expansion of the Turkish Navtex south of the island of Kastelorizo.

Diplomats called this development of events a serious escalation and a direct threat to peace and security in the region.

“Just a few days after the meeting of the foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey, during which the Turkish side promised to propose a date for preliminary contacts, Ankara once again demonstrated its unreliability and that it does not want a dialogue”, – the ministry said.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry noted that Turkey is the main factor of instability in the region, from Libya to the Aegean Sea and Cyprus, Syria, Iraq and now Nagorno-Karabakh. Ankara refuses to comply with international law, maritime law and elementary rules of good neighborliness. Turkey simply ignores any calls to observe these norms.