Trump is healthy – but there will be no debate

Trump announced that he no longer takes medication.

His attending physician allowed him to leave the quarantine next week. Trump will probably run one of his signature rallies first.

The wonders of journalistic ethics have been shown again by the New York Times. It rolled out a conspiracy article on the editorial about how Trump allegedly recorded his address not from the White House lawn, but on a computer background. Like, the grass behind him swayed somehow “suspiciously”.

The point of the article was to show: Trump is actually sick (or even dying). Therefore, he does not leave the White House, and computer graphics are drawn to him on a chroma key.

A few hours later, the honest and objective editors of NYTimes deleted the article without any explanation. But the Internet remembers everything, so anyone can enjoy the liberal conspiracy theories stored in the web archive.

Trump’s second debate with Biden has been officially canceled. Earlier, Trump did not want to participate in them if they were held online: apparently, fearing the help of a teleprompter to his opponent.

But on the eve of the debate, a new scandal erupted – around the bias of the leader of the debate. It was supposed to be Steve Scully, producer of C-SPAN. He started his career in the Democratic office, one of whom was a Delaware Senator named Joe Biden.

And a couple of days ago, Scully mixed up private messages and posts on Twitter, writing in his feed: “How do I respond to Trump”. And he sent a tweet to an ardent critic of Trump – Anthony Scaramucci.

Scully’s tweet hung for over a day. He said that he was “hacked” (it is not the first time he uses such a childish excuse). Well, then Scully just deleted his account.

These kinds of stories do a lot of damage to the reputation of the institution of debate. The Trump campaign invited Biden to hold the following one-on-one debate: no moderators. However, it is unlikely that Biden will pull them out without the help of the leader, so his headquarters will definitely refuse this.

Malek Dudakov