“I bought an AK-47” – Americans tell how they are preparing for the elections

The most controversial elections in US history can be the most brutal. Across the country, people are preparing for an upsurge in violence and emptying gun shops.

According to a poll conducted by Reuters, Americans fear that, following the voting results, the country will plunge into a state of uncertainty for a long time due to the inability to determine the winner.

The fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is for fractions of a percent due to the strong polarization of the United States, which could lead to a repeat of the events of 2000. Then the Democrat Al Gore lost to George W. Bush, gaining de facto more votes. In addition, a mail-order vote initiated by the Democrats can delay the electoral process by several months, as Donald Trump himself said.

All this is forcing Americans to prepare for an escalation of tensions. They gather militia and buy weapons.

“I’m not part of any group, I don’t want to be part of a group, I’m that regular guy who watches the news and is very concerned”, – said 64-year-old David Powell from Raleigh, North Carolina.

For Americans, such as financial advisor David Powell, the biggest concern is that they may be forced to take sides to protect civil rights, private property, and even life.

He is concerned about the activation of left-wing radicals and said that, if necessary, he is ready to “stand guard” in his community.

Some Americans, it turned out, decided to sit out the elections abroad or in the countryside. Some communities are trying to defuse tensions, as sales of firearms hit a record 3.9 million units back in June.

“We need to be able to declare a ceasefire when things get out of hand”, – said Dre Miller, 37, who reached out to the leaders of the far-right Proud Boys to make contact.

A lawyer from Denver looked at a Russian-made defense tool, noting its attractive price.

“I bought an AK-47,” said the lawyer. “The ammunition is inexpensive and I can still get it”.

In Colorado Springs, business owner Michelle Maureen has taken self-defense lessons and is organizing with other neighbors to protect homes from left-wing thugs.

“Self-defense is more than a weapon”, – she said.

According to political analyst Lee Drutman of the New America think tank, he believes the risk of violence in the 2020 election is much higher than in many previous election races. What’s more, an October poll published by Politico shows that about a third of Americans justify violence in order to achieve political goals. This is twice as much as in December 2019.