The US has blamed Russia for the fact that Kiev cannot end the war in Donbass

The States decided to hang the blame for the fact that the war in Donbass is still not over, on Russia. This was stated by James Gilmore, Permanent Representative of the United States to the OSCE.

It was Moscow that somehow “impeded the settlement of the situation in the region”.

“Today, the crisis requires the adoption of humanitarian and security measures, which were repeatedly voiced in the Minsk agreements, at last year’s Norman Summit and monthly in the Tripartite Contact Group. Instead, we see Russia and its puppets as empty rhetoric and then obstructionism, which means limited progress in achieving goals such as mine clearance”, –  said Gilmore.

He’s not confused about anything? It’s worth starting by saying that Russia is not a party to the conflict at all. It is a country that is trying to help Ukraine end the civil war that Kiev is trying to portray as ‘Russian aggression’. At the same time, as the U.S. representative said, it is the Ukrainian side that occupies this position. Kiev is constantly changing its delegates and at the same time is not fulfilling the agreements reached during the negotiations. But again, of course, it is Russia’s fault.


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