The US and South Korean Defence Ministers discussed bilateral military alliance issues

A telephone conversation was held in the run-up to the annual South Korean-American consultation on joint security issues.

The Ministers of Defence of the Republic of Korea and the United States, Seo Wook and Mark Esper, reaffirmed their commitment to the alliance between the two countries and agreed to continue cooperation to deepen cooperation on defence issues. A representative of the South Korean Military Office told Seoul on Thursday that the agreement was reached during a telephone conversation between the two ministers.

The meeting is preceded by the 52nd Annual South Korean-American Consultative Meeting on Joint Security, which will be held in Washington on 14 October.

At the upcoming meeting, the ministers are expected to discuss issues such as the transfer of operational control of their troops to South Korea during wartime, as well as the distribution of costs for the maintenance of the American military contingent in the republic.