Contagious Trump abandons virtual debates by demanding a personal meeting with Biden

After the US President contracted a coronavirus infection, the next round of debate was proposed to be held online. Donald Trump, on the other hand, demanded a face-to-face meeting with his opponent.

It became known last Friday that the head of the White House had been infected. Trump was being treated at a military hospital. The doctors used experimental treatments to put the President on his feet. Meanwhile, the liberal media were already assessing the prospect of the head of state’s death in the midst of an election race.

Trump has returned to the White House, having spent only one weekend in the hospital and is preparing for a new round of debates. However, they want to hold the discussion remotely in Washington because Joe Biden is physically weaker and older than Trump, which means he could get infected.

“I will not waste my time on virtual debates”, – the president responded on Fox Business.