In the USA, the annoying Erdogan was accidentally compared to Saddam Hussein

Turkey is gradually becoming a regional aggressor. Although so far the US and Europe have forgiven all of Erdogan’s adventures, the situation may change.

As News Front reported, at the end of September a confrontation broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Turkey took the side of the latter, sending loyal fighters to the conflict zone. This fact has already caused discontent in Western countries. Turkish intervention threatens to turn the Karabakh conflict into a fierce confrontation, paralyzing NATO at the same time.

However, this is not the only ploy by Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he can answer to the West, writes the American newspaper The National Interest. In recent months, Turkey has invaded the waters of Greece, the economic zone of Cyprus and even Israel. Erdogan insistently makes it clear that he wants Turkey to expand its borders, pursuing its ideological and populist goals.

It has come to the point where Ankara is taking advantage of terrorist groups, but neither the US nor Europe is responding to the destructive policies of its NATO partner. Erdogan himself considers the West too weak. In addition, it has a trump card against Europe. It can open the borders for Middle Eastern refugees, and they will break through to the EU despite the pandemic.

But the Middle East is still a gunpowder barrel, and Turkey is doing everything it can to blow up again, NI writes. In this regard, Erdogan is compared with Saddam Hussein. They both saw the collapse of their own economies, saw valuable resources in their neighbours and considered Western countries “paper tigers”. If the US and the EU do not stop Erdogan now, the media warn, Turkey will see the fate of Iraq.


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