Greece withdrew its ambassador from Azerbaijan

Official Athens took this step “because of unfounded and offensive statements from the Azerbaijani government”.

Reuters reports with reference to the Greek Foreign Ministry that Greece is withdrawing its ambassador to Azerbaijan for consultations.

“In these statements, the Azerbaijani side claimed that the official Athens tolerated the presence of militants on its territory”, –  the agency reports a statement of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

It points out that, in addition to the withdrawal of the ambassador, the Greek side sent an official note of protest to Azerbaijan.

“After completely unfounded and provocative statements of the Azerbaijani government about the alleged tolerance of the Greek state to terrorist acts, attempts to recruit terrorist fighters and cyberattacks from the territory of Greece against Azerbaijan, as part of the clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its strong protest to the Ambassador of Azerbaijan. Following the demarche, Greek Ambassador to Azerbaijan Nikolaos Piperigkos was summoned to Athens for consultations on the decision of Foreign Minister Nikos Dendyas”, –  the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.