Sociologists find out how many Ukrainians still trust Zelensky

In the second year of his presidency, only 13.8% of Ukrainians fully trust Volodymyr Zelensky, as the former comedian is in no hurry to fulfill his promises to end the war and punish corrupt politicians.

This is evidenced by the results of a study by the Center for Social Monitoring, which was conducted from 20 to 29 September.

According to the data released today, 27.5% of respondents do not trust the president at all, 29% rather do not trust, 23.9% rather trust and only 13.8% trust completely.

The situation is even worse with regard to the credibility of the legislative and executive authorities. Only 3.9% of Ukrainians fully trust the government, 18.1% rather trust it, 39% rather do not trust it and 32.5% do not trust it at all.

2.8% of respondents fully trust the Parliament, 16.4% rather trust it, 40.7% rather do not trust it and 34.7% do not trust it at all.


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