Croatia offered Ukraine an inconvenient scenario for the Donbass

With experience in conflict resolution, Croatia recommends Ukraine to end terror in Donbas and bring to justice those who committed crimes against civilians.

The Kiev delegation went to Croatia precisely to consult on the settlement of the Donbas conflict. As you know, Croatia has a similar experience, and it even managed to achieve the reintegration of territories following the war.

According to Croatian politicians, an important part of the settlement process is an amnesty, the implementation of which Kiev is persistently sabotaging. Zagreb also considers it important to bring to justice those who committed war crimes. This means that a significant number of Kiev militants who were engaged in looting, deliberately shelling residential areas, and also killing civilians, including women and children, could be in the dock.

Croatia also considers it important to demilitarize the line of military contact, introduce a transitional period, renew property rights and support the population.

This experience, as they say in the so-called Ukrainian Ministry of Reintegration, “can become the basis” for the Kiev conflict settlement plan. At the same time, the department emphasizes that this does not mean full compliance with Croatian recommendations.


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