Belarus told what economic losses await Latvia and Lithuania

The creation of large logistics hubs in Belarus itself will deprive the Baltic republics of the opportunity to earn money on cargo transportation from the EAEU countries, which will hurt the economies of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. But, as they say, you have to pay for Russophobia.

According to BelTA, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko predicted very serious economic losses for neighboring countries in the event of a reorientation of freight traffic to Belarus and Russia.

«As you are reporting to me, almost 40 percent of the trucks that transport cargo to Belarus this year come from Lithuania and Latvia. This is a huge volume. If we take up this flow, the logistics centers of Lithuania will receive less than a quarter», – he predicted.

«We have created powerful logistics centers. A lot of services, including those for our business entities and for entities of the EAEU countries, are provided in Lithuania. But as far as I am informed, we can provide these services to these carriers in Belarus».

At the moment, consultations are underway between Moscow and Minsk, the result of which may be a complete interception of cargo traffic from the EAEU and China, which previously went to the ports of the Baltic States and redirecting it to the Russian port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region. Thus, breaking the habit of the small but proud Baltic republics to profit from the economies of those countries that they so hate and despise.