“They live in absolutely wild conditions” – Sivokho arrived in Donbass and evaluated the consequences of the Kiev aggression

Ukrainian deputies refused to go to Donbass due to bad weather. Meanwhile, residents of the long-suffering region are left without gas, water and electricity.

Sergei Sivokho posted on a social network a video message made in the village of Opytnoye, which is located in the so-called gray zone of conflict. As you know, earlier Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tried to make Sivokho his herald in the Donbass and even promoted him to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. However, the peace initiatives promoted by him were not liked by the Kiev radicals, who attacked Sivokho right during the presentation.

In his video, the former comedian criticized Ukrainian parliament members who wanted to make a showy visit to the contact line last week but decided not to ruin Friday. Citing bad weather and a far-fetched threat of provocation, they canceled the trip.

“You still can’t take your “tender points” from the soft chairs and come here, to the gray zone”, -Sivokho turned to the parliamentarians.

“Where people have been living in absolutely wild conditions for the seventh year. Here, in Opytnoye, in my opinion, experiments are being carried out on Ukrainians in a new way. There is no gas, water or electricity here”. 

He urged the deputies to come to Donbass and spend the night here, among the houses destroyed by the Kiev aggression.

“Sit in the dark, maybe an insight will descend on you. All experimental Ukrainians are waiting for you, because they voted for you. Well, when they were allowed to do it”, – stated Sivokho.