The US has told how the debate will be held after the Trump Coronavirus infection

The American authorities decided not to cancel the debate after a coronavirus outbreak was detected in the White House, but made some adjustments to the regulations.

As News Front previously reported, on the night of Friday it became known that US President Donald Trump and his wife Melanya had contracted the coronavirus. The head of the White House will therefore spend the coming days at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland, where he will continue to perform his duties.

The incident took place just after the first round of debate. The second and third debate is scheduled to take place on 15 and 22 October. But the debate between the candidates for Vice President will take place as early as Wednesday 7 October.
According to CNN, citing its own source, they will not be cancelled, as the test did not reveal COVID-19 either from the current Vice-President Mike Penns or from Biden’s companion Kamala Harris. However, they will be required to stand 3.6 metres apart.