The FBI is preparing for a grim election scenario

The U.S. security forces are seriously considering the scenario of mass unrest right on the day of the presidential election.

The Washington Post reports this, citing its own sources.

“Warns sounded that riots were possible. These warnings were issued by both sides for various reasons as well. That is why we pay special attention to this scenario”, –  a representative of the law enforcement agencies told journalists.

In this regard, the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation intend to staff a command centre at FBI headquarters to coordinate actions in case of the November 3 riots. Sources acknowledge that agencies are always preparing for “potential violence” on election day, but the upcoming vote will be largely unprecedented.

The 2020 elections will take place against the backdrop of a coronavirus pandemic and fears of potential fraud due to mail-order voting. Moreover, for several months now, pogroms have been going on in American cities.

“Naturally, when we prepare for the elections, we take into account the mood in the country”, – said a WP source. – “As before, the FBI is committed to taking into account several potential developments”.