Biden decided to take over from Trump an idea that would cost the US world leadership

The victory of elderly Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election will not be the sunset of the era of the destruction of international relations. The situation will only worsen.

This is what the American edition of Foreign Policy is writing about.

Biden has already made it clear that the conclusion of new trade agreements is not on his priority list. According to the Democrat, the first thing to do is to “secure large investments at home”. This means that the USA led by Biden will not put an end to trade wars or reach new agreements with the European Union.

By changing Donald Trump’s policy of protectionism, Joe Biden is helping American companies. He will protect domestic markets from foreign competition, which is likely to provoke responses from other countries.

“For the rest of the world, President Donald Trump’s four years of applying tariffs and sanctions have made improving trade relations a priority”, –  Foreign Policy writes. – “The world cannot afford to wait months or years for a new administration to deploy its domestic policy and extra years for it to have an impact.”

The Trump era has virtually destroyed the international trading system, and the Biden administration can’t just ask the world to wait for the US to get its land in order. Moreover, given that Washington has gained influence in the world largely due to the attractiveness of American markets, with Biden’s protectionism the United States will continue to lose its leadership.